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Customizing Safety: Using Orange Temporary Fencing for Branding

Here at Orange Fence Rentals, safety is a top priority. We are a temporary fence company providing site fencing, installation, and transportation for construction sites, event spaces, and more! We even have customizable options, including custom outdoor banners and fence sign advertising. You may ask: “What does orange have to do with all that?” Well, the answer is: orange has everything to do with that. The psychological associations behind the colour orange make it a perfect choice for temporary fencing, both for your company and for public safety.

Psychology of the Colour Orange

There are two psychological associations behind the colour orange: activity and caution. Orange has one of the strongest measurable physical effects of any colour. While it may seem like being energetic and using caution are two very different things, they actually work well together in terms of safety. Orange indicates that caution needs to be used and encourages people to be active and move away from the hazard in a dangerous situation.

As a symbol of safety, orange is used to set things apart from their surroundings. On construction sites and in barricaded areas, our orange fencing is perfect for the task. The vibrancy that orange exudes and the attention it demands make it the ideal colour for such scenarios. Additionally, orange is used to highlight the necessity of personal protective equipment (PPE), ensuring workers are vigilant and protected

Orange as a Branding Opportunity

As we have established, orange is the perfect colour to promote a safe environment for everyone involved. However, there is an additional benefit of orange being so vibrant and attention-grabbing. Using our orange fencing for branding and advertising is ideal to catch people’s eye and even encourage them to take action, whether that is looking up your company or remembering it for the future! This strong physical and psychological response to the colour can help the public create an emotional connection with your brand.
Our temporary fencing provides benefits for everyone. Quit searching for “construction fence near me” or “event fencing rental near me” and contact Orange Fence Rentals today!

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