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Benefits of Using Temporary Fencing at Construction Sites

The fencing around the perimeter of a construction site provides many benefits, from safety to appearance and many in between. However, temporary fencing offers the added benefits of being reusable, versatile, and affordable. This makes our rental fencing perfect for your next construction project. This blog goes into all the benefits of temporary fencing at construction sites so that you can plan accordingly.

Protects What’s Inside

One obvious benefit of fencing is that it protects the project, equipment, and machinery within it. Whether it be from theft, vandalism, or weather, this is essential at a construction site. Construction equipment can be very expensive, and damage to it or the structure can cause serious issues and delays. Renting temporary fencing can help ensure you find the ideal fencing to suit weather or location conditions for each project. It is also moveable, which can be helpful as a project progresses.

Protects Those Outside

In addition to protecting what is inside the fence, those outside are also protected. Construction workers use safety gear to minimize risk, but those outside of the fence do not have this precaution. Fencing keeps trespassers and passersby from getting too close to the construction, where they could be injured. It also prevents rubbish, debris, and materials from being blown outside of the site by strong weather, where they could be a danger to cars and pedestrians.

Liability and Regulations

Protecting the general public’s safety through temporary fencing prevents injury and avoids liabilities. Unauthorized access to your construction site may result in issues for your company and delays in your project. Further, temporary fencing can help you comply with site regulations, which may change depending on location. Once again, this makes renting your fencing beneficial as you can make sure it fulfills the requirements for each project.

Visual Appeal

Beyond these safety and policy concerns, temporary fencing is also useful in improving the appearance of your construction site. Most neighbourhoods consider them an eyesore, and fencing can help hide this and provide a more professional look. Orange Fence Rentals even offers advertisement banners for your fencing to give it even more visual appeal. This improved appearance can also benefit the privacy of those living near your construction site.


Finally, temporary fencing provides a more affordable option compared to permanent fencing. It is more cost-effective since it can be reused for different projects and is easy to install. In addition, renting your temporary fencing can bring down the cost even further.

Our rental fencing is great for many temporary applications, including construction sites. It is the cost-effective way to get the job done right and will ensure your next project follows all safety and legal requirements. Orange Fence Rentals hopes to be a part of keeping your next construction project safe and secure!

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