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Orange Fence Rentals’ temporary fencing prioritizes safety for our clients and the general public. Our fencing is created with safety features such as anti-tampering and anti-climb solutions. However, our most important feature is the colour of our fencing. The colour orange provides many benefits including:

Alerting the public to the need for caution

Standing out against its surroundings

Visibility at night and in low-light conditions

Psychological associations with safety and caution

Vibrant and attention-grabbing

Associations with a warning in nature and society

Other colours of fencing do not provide the same benefits. They may be difficult to see against their surroundings or in low-light conditions. In addition, they do not have the same cautionary associations as orange does.

While caution tape has to be used here to make the grey fencing visible, orange fencing delivers this benefit without any adjustments. Other colours also have similar drawbacks.

With our orange temporary fencing, you can keep everyone safe – no matter the situation! Whether you are using it for a barricade, a construction site, or to section off an area, orange fencing keeps your team and workers safe, as well as any pedestrians or other members of the public.


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