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Orange vs. Other Colors: Comparing Safety Benefits

It’s on our website, it’s in our blogs, and it’s part of our name: we’re big fans of orange. We’ve found it to be the best and safest option for temporary fencing in a variety of scenarios. You might wonder, “Why is orange so much better than any other colour?” Luckily, we have some answers! In this blog, we’ll discuss various colours, including their safety benefits, psychological associations, and meanings.


The colour orange is associated with caution and action. This results in those who see it recognizing that it is a situation where they should use caution and encourages them to take action to remove themselves from any danger there might be. In addition, orange is easily visible in low-light situations, making it a safe option at night or in dangerous weather conditions. 


The colour red is associated with danger rather than caution, as well as strong emotions such as love, passion, and anger. While this can be helpful to keep pedestrians away from your site, it is too dramatic and intense in most temporary fencing situations. Orange encourages people to take any necessary precautions, whereas red might make them scared or concerned (especially not helpful for advertising your brand).


The colour yellow is associated with optimism, creativity, and energy. Although yellow can be seen easily in low-visibility conditions, the feelings and responses it evokes do not align with temporary fencing sites. Yellow does not clearly communicate that one should exercise caution in a situation, leaving pedestrians confused about its use.


The colour grey is neutral, foreign, and distant. It does not communicate any message about how people should act around it. Grey also does not stand out against its surroundings or in low-visibility conditions. While there may be some fencing situations where the neutrality of grey is functional, it does not have the safety benefits that are often required. 


The colour black has long been associated with power and prestige. While it can create a sophisticated look and, like grey, doesn’t stand out too much, it also has none of the safety benefits that colours like orange provide. 


The colour green is associated with harmony, tranquillity, and peace. Green is a soothing colour, resulting in none of the cautionary responses that are needed on construction sites and other temporary fencing situations. As well, in areas where there are trees and other plants, green tends to blend into its surroundings.
Whether you’re looking to rent construction fence, barricade fencing, or any other temporary site fencing, the colour orange provides the best safety benefits – and we can provide it! Contact Orange Fence Rentals today!

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