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3 Tips to Cut Down on Your Fence Rental Cost

Any event or project requires a lot of planning (and a lot of expenses). The last thing you want to be overspending on is your fence rental! Such a basic component of the project should be simple. Unfortunately, many additional charges and fees can complicate the process.

Don’t worry, though! We’re breaking down the process and sharing our top tips on how to reduce your fence rental cost.

  1. Self-Installation

The first way to save some money on your rental is the good old DIY (Do It Yourself). Though it may seem like a small thing, by eliminating the installation cost, you’re already decreasing your bill! If you feel comfortable installing and removing your own rental fence instead of paying for the labour, this may be a good way to cut costs, especially on a simple project!

  1. Pick-Up Over Delivery

As an add-on to our first tip, if you plan to install the fence yourself, take it one step further and pick up the fence as well. Many companies have additional or minimum charges related to delivery that can rack up your bill. However, they also often have a viable option that allows you to make the pick-up yourself, removing another charge from your cost altogether!

  1. Scheduling

If you do not feel comfortable doing your own installation or do not have a means of transporting the fencing, there are still ways to save. One of which is as simple as the time you schedule the delivery and installation. There is often an additional cost to deliver outside of regular business hours. If you can adjust your schedule, have it installed and removed during the company’s business hours to eliminate this extra expense.

Your project may be complicated, but Orange Fence Rentals is here to make sure renting your fencing isn’t. We have customizable products to fit any situation you may need them for and customer service that will make it a breeze. Contact us today to get started.

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