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The Importance of a Wind Management Plan

Here at Orange Fence Rentals, we supply temporary fencing for your every need – from construction sites to event spaces and everything in between! When it comes to events, there are always potential risks for the attendees that need to be addressed by the event planners. Emergency procedures and crowd management are probably very familiar to anyone with this task. Still, another risk that should be dealt with is wind – especially when it comes to temporary structures such as fencing.

If your event doesn’t currently have a Wind Management Plan to keep your guests safe, you’re in the right place. This blog gives you an overview of what should go into creating a wind management plan, as well as some preventative measures you can take to avoid having to put your plan into action. You’ve got an event to plan, so let’s get into it!

Creating a Wind Management Plan

Key elements of your plan should include who is responsible for what tasks, a list of possible structures affected by the wind, a method to measure wind speeds, and actions to take at identified wind speeds. Tasks that should be assigned might include: who should monitor wind speeds, who should alert staff members when wind speeds meet the determined threshold and which members need to be warned, and who is in charge of executing the actions that the plan lays out.

Identifying all possible structures that could be affected by the wind – whether it be fencing, stages, tents, etc. – is essential to ensure there is a plan in place for each risk. The wind velocity that poses a risk to each structure should be known in order to take action when wind speeds near this threshold. Though it may seem unlikely that these temporary structures get blown over, it happens frequently and must be prepared for.

Staff should be aware of the risks at each wind speed identified in the plan, as well as what steps need to be taken. While this is necessary for event spaces, such measures should also be taken in any space where temporary structures are being used and could pose a risk. Be sure to include a Wind Management Plan as part of your safety preparations.

Preventative Measures

While having a Wind Management Plan is important, prevention is your first line of defence. Here are some preventative measures you can take to avoid having to use your plan.

  • Have a standard or guideline regarding the wind speeds the temporary structures you use should withstand.
  • Include the structures that should not be used at specified forecasted wind speeds in your Wind Management Plan.
  • Look for basic solutions to make your structures less affected by the wind, such as triangle bracing or sandbags.
  • Understand the hazards in your specific space and have a plan in place to negate them (for example, banners on fencing make them more susceptible to the wind).

We hope to be a part of your next event or project with a temporary fencing need. In order to keep all parties safe, ensure you have a Wind Management Plan in place before installing your fencing order. Contact Orange Fence Rentals with any questions or inquiries.

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