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Choosing the Right Fence Type

Summer and fall means lots of opportunities within any community. Opportunities for events of all types from book festivals to electro-pop dance parties. Opportunities for new construction while the weather is warm and winter snow is a memory. And opportunities for that dream-like wedding that she has always dreamed of.

Each of these events (and all the others you can imagine) comes with its only unique needs in terms of temporary fencing and, in turn, unique questions that need to be answered. Do you need perimeter barriers to delineate the boundaries? Does your fencing need to blend into the vibe of the moment or stand out so everyone who needs to see it does? 

Fortunately for everyone with fencing questions heading into this season, Orange Fence Rentals has temporary fencing to suit every need and every type of opportunity. In this blog, we highlight 3 of our most popular fencing solutions to help guide you in your decision-making. 

Event Fencing 

Our 4’x10’ galvanized, silver panels are made of heavy-gauge welded wire and can be configured in any way to meet your specific needs and site requirements. The best part: no drilling or pinning is required for installation. Each section is secured with external connectors and wide base plates. If you would some additional piece of mind, simply ask your OFR consultant to add some sandbags to calm your worries. 

Construction Fencing 

High-visibility orange fencing is definitely hard to miss, which is exactly what you want when telling people to stay away from a dangerous construction site. This high-visibility warning is exactly why our perimeter and security panels keep any worksite (and expensive equipment) safe and secure for workers and unwanted visitors.

 As a recent report underscores: “In Canada alone, construction site theft of materials, equipment, and machinery is projected to cost roughly $300 million annually.” Protect yourself from potential liabilities and your site and equipment with an Orange Fence Rental solution that minimizes your exposure.

Interested in turning protection into passive revenue? Talk to your OFR fencing consultant about having your company signage displayed on your site security fence. Or consider renting out that same space to a local business. It’s easy: Provide OFR with a high-resolution image of the logo you want to be showcased and we will take care of the resting, printing the image, and installing it directly on fence panels. 

Patio OR higher-end events 

Painted an unobtrusive classic black, temporary fencing adds security and crowd control without taking away from the mood or theme of your black-tie or special event. Our experienced fencing consultants can help create a controlled pathway to the buffet or mark off a dance floor with carefully designed placement in various configurations of temporary fencing. 

Want a bit more privacy for your special day? Add a temporary privacy screen to limit unwanted visual access as well as minimize dust and wind.  

Whatever your opportunity this season, we have a fencing solution to make the vision a reality. All Orange Fence Rental panels are made of strong high-quality materials delivered and installed at competitive prices, any fence, anywhere, anytime. A bonus: all our fence panels are Canadian made. At Orange Fence Rentals we don’t just talk about customer satisfaction, we deliver on that promise every opportunity we get.

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