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Temporary Fencing and Site Safety

When it comes to safety on a construction site, the typical considerations are likely in the realm of steel-toed boots, hard hats, safety glasses, or proper precautions when using tools and machines. However, an element that should be equally thought through is temporary fencing. Temporary fencing improves the safety of those within and outside of the construction site. But don’t take our word for it – we’ve compiled the considerations and benefits surrounding temporary fencing and site safety.


When choosing your temporary fencing, it is essential to understand local regulations and site hazards that it needs to comply with. Depending on where the construction site is, regulations regarding the type, height, or use of temporary fencing may vary. Being aware of this will ensure you avoid any penalties or issues. Specific sites, projects, or environments may also create different hazards. Depending on weather or location, factors such as durability, height, or access points may need to be considered.

Additionally, whether you own your temporary fencing or are renting it for a more extended project, regular maintenance is essential to ensure that it remains effective and sturdy. Damages to the fencing should be immediately repaired to keep it reliable and keep your site safe.

Another consideration is whether you should invest in a professional to install your fencing. In some cases, you may feel comfortable doing the installation yourself. However, for an inexperienced user or complicated terrain, hiring a professional service to assist you may be safer. Orange Fence Rentals supplies your fencing and offers delivery and installation to ensure site safety.


Now that we’ve gone over some of the considerations that make your temporary fencing safe, let’s get into some ways it benefits the site’s overall safety. Temporary fencing improves the security of the site by deterring and preventing unauthorized access, theft, and vandalism. This keeps the workers on the site and the expensive equipment and machinery safe. Further, it keeps those outside of the site safe from the dangers and hazards involved in construction. Since the general public does not have the protective gear that workers do, this barrier prevents them from getting too close or being harmed by the work happening within the fencing.

Another benefit of a well-secured construction site is its effect on public perception. Durable and well-maintained fencing signals professionalism and a commitment to safety, creating a positive impression on clients, stakeholders, and the general public. This leads to a better perception of your company and the project you are constructing.

Temporary fencing is also beneficial as it is an environmentally friendly option that can be used repeatedly and provides quick and easy installation and removal to save on time and labour. This makes temporary fencing perfect for any project you may need it for, big or small.

While temporary fencing may seem like a one-and-done, it should be as thoroughly considered as any other safety precaution on a construction site. We hope to be a part of keeping your next project and those involved safe with our temporary fence rentals!

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