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Temporary Fencing and Site Safety

When it comes to safety on a construction site, the typical considerations are likely in the realm of steel-toed boots, hard hats, safety glasses, or proper precautions when using tools and machines. However, an element that should be equally thought…

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The Importance of a Wind Management Plan

Here at Orange Fence Rentals, we supply temporary fencing for your every need – from construction sites to event spaces and everything in between! When it comes to events, there are always potential risks for the attendees that need to…

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3 Tips to Cut Down on Your Fence Rental Cost

Any event or project requires a lot of planning (and a lot of expenses). The last thing you want to be overspending on is your fence rental! Such a basic component of the project should be simple. Unfortunately, many additional…

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Choosing the Right Fence Type

Summer and fall means lots of opportunities within any community. Opportunities for events of all types from book festivals to electro-pop dance parties. Opportunities for new construction while the weather is warm and winter snow is a memory. And opportunities…

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