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Temporary Fencing at Events

From concerts to festivals to weddings to parades, events that pop up and are taken down overnight require planning and equipment to make them possible. Temporary fencing is an essential component for events like these. It can be used for…

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Temporary Fencing vs. Permanent Fencing: Pros and Cons

Temporary fencing can be useful in a variety of situations, including on construction sites, at events, for equipment storage, for crowd control, and more. However, sometimes, a permanent solution may work better. In this blog, we discuss the pros and…

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Benefits of Using Temporary Fencing at Construction Sites

The fencing around the perimeter of a construction site provides many benefits, from safety to appearance and many in between. However, temporary fencing offers the added benefits of being reusable, versatile, and affordable. This makes our rental fencing perfect for…

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Temporary Fencing and Site Safety

When it comes to safety on a construction site, the typical considerations are likely in the realm of steel-toed boots, hard hats, safety glasses, or proper precautions when using tools and machines. However, an element that should be equally thought…

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The Importance of a Wind Management Plan

Here at Orange Fence Rentals, we supply temporary fencing for your every need – from construction sites to event spaces and everything in between! When it comes to events, there are always potential risks for the attendees that need to…

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